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Infix is an agile on-demand manufacturer who also produces a range of specialist products.
Infix performs On-Demand Manufacturing for complex multi-material products, across the UK, EU, and South-East Asia.
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3D Printing
Infix is a specialist in additive manufacturing and produces and distributes its own 3D Printing Filaments and associated materials.
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3D Printing
Infix provides a flexible 3D Printing Service for custom parts for small or large orders, with fulfillment across the EU and UK.
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Infix also designs, produces, and commercializes a range of Useful Accessories that enhance user convenience of existing products.
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About Infix

Infix is an agile on-demand manufacturer who also produces a range of specialist products.
Infix was formed as a spin-off from an award-winning decade-old product design and development company. The company in question, NGI Systems, has an extensive portfolio of product prototyping and development projects, which, on multiple occasions, extended into the end-to-end execution of full-scale manufacturing.

As the manufacturing activities were regularly extending beyond the remit of NGI Systems as a product development company, the decision was taken to separate these services, along with their extensive supply chain and know-how, into a new dedicated company, Infix, in early 2024. Infix maintains close ties with NGI Systems for research and development activities.
Infix is headquartered in London, with its technical team spread across the Czech Republic, Romania, and China.

On-Demand Manufacturing

Infix can provide manufacturing services on an ODM basis for custom products using a variety of materials and engineering capabilities.

Manufacturing Services

Infix manufacturing services cover all end-to-end steps of the manufacturing cycle, including:
1. Preparing the technical documentation.
2. Sourcing and selecting the supply chain.
3. Designing and producing the tooling.
4. Executing the manufacturing.
5. Performing the product assembly.
6. Supervising the quality control processes.
7. Managing compliance certifications.
8. Supervising the packaging and labelling.
9. Coordinating shipping and customs.
10. Provisioning support and repair capabilities.

Material Processing Capabilities

Infix can manufacture products that use of a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes.

Materials Specific Processing

injection molding,
CNC milling,
3D printing
CNC milling,
sheet metal folding,
laser/plasma cutting,
CNC milling,
and dimensioning,
structural assembly
mixture preparation,
laser sintering,
binder jetting

Manufacturing Post-Processing

sanding & polishing
material sealing & varnishing
painting & silk printing
laser etching & engraving

Engineering Capabilites

Infix has a proven track record of advanced electromechanical engineering capabilities that can be deployed in product development and manufacturing.
enclosures, mounting mechanisms, interlocking structures, snap-fit joints, linear and rotational motion assemblies
PCBAs, display assemblies, chipsets, power supplies, firmware, motor control sub-systems, radio sub-systems
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3D Printing Filaments

Infix 3D Printing Filaments are part of the Infix Materials range of products, which focuses on development of premium production materials, mainly for additive manufacturing.
The initiative originated from the internal requirement of Infix for materials for ODM operations as well as for the manufacturing of the Useful Accessories range of its own products. This was aligned with the initiative to address the stock availability and material consistency challenges that exist in the EU and UK markets for professional 3D printing houses.
The R&D work was performed in partnership with an independent print-house with operations across the UK and EU. We have jointly and separately validated the specifications and quality of the filaments. As a result, Infix 3D Printing Filaments currently power their manufacturing operations under a long term supply agreement.
Our 3D printing filaments are produced in ISO 9001 certified facilities and we have full control of the specifications, production chain, and quality control, being able to offer consistent supply according to specifications and requirement.
Our production is in shipping container sized batches, but we can include smaller orders for more accessible MOQs.
We produce and stock a standard range of PLA+ and PETG filaments and can also make to order other bespoke material configurations and spool sizes.
Strategic Supply
Due to our vertical integration, we can offer very competitive prices along with stable and consistent supply on bulk orders or longer term contracts.
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3D Printing Services

Infix provides 3D printing services from prototyping to at-scale production for all hobby, educational, and industrial sectors, covering Eastern Europe, Central Europe and the UK.

Capabilities and Fulfilment

We can readily utilize a wide range of rigid, flexible, multi-color and luminous materials, for Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM Printing) with the most popular ones being PLA+, PETG, ABS, TPU.
Infix operates a distributed farm of modern 3D printers with a sustainable printing capacity of over 20,000 print hours per month. We can scale this further on request through our partner network for larger projects.
We can provide a 24h express service with next day delivery across Europe and UK or even same-day local deliver near our fulfilment centers:
• London, United Kingdom
• Bristol, United Kingdom
• Prague, Czech Republic
• Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Flexible Project Support

Custom Projects:
We can support bespoke projects that need large print volumes, or special materials such as ceramics or metals.
Design & Engineering:
We can assist with design and engineering support to adjust your designs or concepts for 3D printing manufacturing.
Flexible Pricing:
We can charge for the services by unit, by batch, or by printing time / volume, with flexible shipping options.
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Useful Accessories

Useful Accessories is the in-house product range of Infix, directly commercialized by us as manufacturers.
The design and engineering team behind Infix is passionate, potentially even obsessed, about designing things to perfectly fit their intended purpose.
Our focus and attention to the slightest details to optimize the utility of the respective designs led to developing a habit to similarly optimize our work and personal environments from a design utility perspective.
We began with bespoke customizations and DIY work. We then transitioned to identifying commonly recurring optimization opportunities and started intentionally designing products to fit widely occurring situations where utility and user convenience can be enhanced.
We ultimately formalized our strategy for Useful Accessories, as being accessories that perfectly fit around / into existing mainstream storage systems (typically furniture) and enhance their usability and utility.
Our initial product catalogue will be published soon, with the items being available on Amazon.
If you read this far, you can enjoy the following video of 3 Minutes of Satisfying Perfect Fits. This is how we feel when we get our designs just right.
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